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Pop-Up Tents

Quick, easy and affordable, pop-up tents are great for events on a budget or house parties, with a range of coloured roofs and sides.

They come in 2m x 2m or 3m x 3m sizes.

The 3×3 m canopy tent is the classic among the folding tents. This popular size works well as an adverticing tent and at trade fairs and markets, for food vendors, but also at private garden parties and other events.

The 2×2 m canopy tent provides the ideal space for an info booth or they are often combined together for a small bar.

The construction of the canopy tent is quick and easy – you don’t need any tools and can set up and dismantle the pavilion in a couple of minutes.

2m x 2m x 2.93m(h)

Code: POP2

Clearspan width: 2m

Eave height: 2.2m

Ridge height: 2.93m

3m x 3m x 3.27m(h)

Code: POP3

Clearspan width: 3m

Eave height: 2.2m

Ridge height: 3.27m

The tent fabric can be selected from a palette of colours including white, blue, pink, red and black.

The canopy tent can be fully personalized and individually printed on request

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