Event Marquees

The Event Tent is the workhorse of the outdoor events industry providing maximum coverage with the minimum amount of legs and counterweights.

With advanced structural design, using hot-dipped galvanised steel connectors, and all parts interchangeable, while adopting a bar-tensioning system for the roof covers making it safe and stable with a wind resistance up to 100km/hour (0.5kn/m²).

The modularised structure enables flexibility on size, short installation periods, with easy assembly and disassembly.

Pyjama Marquees delivers high quality, meticulously maintained structures at exceptional value.

Width: 10m, Length: 10m/15m/20m/25m/30m... 55m/60m (in multiples of 5m)

Eave Height: 3.3m, Ridge Height: 4.85m, Bay: 5m

Option of: Eave Height: 4m, Ridge Height: 5.55m, Bay: 5m

Main frame profile size: 152x119x3mm


Length adjustable in sections of 5m


Prices starting from $18,000 for 10m x 10m

Significant discounts for larger orders

Tent walls $500 per section

Portal Beams (to allow access from all sides of the tent while keeping the structure safe)  $2000 each