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Tensile Canopies

We work closely on many projects with our partner ECHK, renting different sized canopies which can be configured and installed in many variations on uneven surfaces with great flexibility, speed and safety.

These attractive and unique outdoor canopies, stretch event tents and tensile membrane structures are an ideal covering for events, hospitality, weddings and the entertainment industries.

Sizes include:


8m x 8m

9m x 9m

12m x 9m

14m x 9m


15m x 9m

18m x 12m

20m x 15m

30m x 20m

The stretched fabric units can be joined together to create larger areas. A gutter under installs at the junction location to collect water and divert to the outside of the covered area.
That flexibility means different configurations can be planned for venues that are more challenging.

10m x 30m

20m x 30m

15m x 29m

20m x 45m

15m x 40m

20m x 60m

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