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  • How long is the rental period for?
    The rental price for marquees is 7 days including setup and breakdown days. For additional days/weeks we charge 50% of the rental fee per week. For very long installations additional time can be negotiated, so as not to make the price unreasonably expensive.
  • Are there discounts for large orders?
    Yes! We offer package prices for multiple units.
  • What are the requirements of the Buildings Department (BD)?
    For a private event on private land, there are no requirements from the BD. For public events requiring a Temporary Places of Public Entertainment License then RSE (Registered Structural Engineer) reports are needed which examine the structural engineering and wind analysis. We can arrange these with our RSE, but there is an additional charge. Every event needs its own RSE report(s), regardless of how many times BD has assessed the same model of tent for previous events. Each type/size of tent needs its own report but it does not matter how many of that tent there is on site, eg 1 x 3mx3m plus 1 x 5mx5m tents need one report each, but 20 x 3mx3m and 15 x 5mx5m tents still only need one report each. Structures under 2.5m x 2.5m x 3.5(h)m are exempt from needing any RSE involvement (eg 2m x 2m pop-up tents) 3m x 3m pop-up tents only require a sign-off by our RSE to say they have been set up correctly, but no structural calculations are required, which is substantially cheaper.
  • What are the requirements of the Fire Services Department (FSD)?
    For public events our Event and Pagoda tents are made of materials which conform to the standards required by the FSD and we will provide the relevant certificates at no cost. "Pop-up" tents with walls generally need spraying with a fire retardant solution and a certificate will be issued. We have a contractor, and we offer this service at cost.
  • What are the payment terms?
    70% of the total invoice is required before a booking is confirmed. 30% is payable upon the successful installation of the marquees. 100% of RSE charges are payable up front, as this is paid to a subcontractor. Please note there is a lot of preparation goes into getting the structure ready before move in day, therefore cancellations should be made 7 days before the event by email or the deposit is forfeited.
  • What happens in bad weather on set up day?
    In the event of Typhoon Signal 3 or above, or a Black Storm Warning, both parties reserve the right to postpone the event and reschedule another date that is convenient to both parties.
  • What happens if bad weather is expected during an event?
    When we have structure on site, there is constant monitoring of weather by our team and depending on the size of the job, we may keep a team onsite. Generally we will set up a dedicated emergency WhatsApp group with pyjama team, event organisers, venue personnel and other relevant contractors. In the event of a typhoon signal No. 3 or higher being hoisted we will need to dismantle the structures, though usually they can be made safe and left on site, and reinstalled after the storm has passed. Where extra logistics or labour is required we will liaise with the client prior to the cancellation of the event, but the client should be prepared to cover any costs paid out or due to be incurred. We will quote an estimate for this before you confirm your order.
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